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Integrity. Honesty. Passion. Dedication.

RockerGirl Management was started to help local artists get their voices heard. Disheartened over the years by seeing many talented local artists disband or disappear, we decided to take matters into our own hands and offer local artists a resource to help take care of the gritty background work so they could focus on their music. We provide the support, foundation and drive these artists need to reach their dreams and goals. Our drive, passion, and love for music, along with keen business finesse, helps guide artists to be successful at what they do… make music.

With RockerGirl Management, you and your music are the core focus. Our talent focus is on artists/bands in all stages of their career, from just starting out to seasoned; punk, rock, hard rock, metal and all sub-genres. No matter what career stage you are in, you deserve having someone helping you plan and drive towards goals. You will always have our support, dedication and resources you need to make you as successful as you deserve to be.

Each and every day you have someone on your team working to make you and your music the focus of the music world. If you are serious about your music career and want to get to the next level, contact us.

Listen Local. Support Local. Enjoy Local.

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Lost In A Name

Thrice, Anberlin, Story Of The Year, Rise Against, Coheed and Cambria, Foo Fighters, Four Year Strong, the list goes on, and on, and on.....

Lost In A Name is certain to have music fans perplexed and engaged, not just by its lush and imperative array of audio wizardry, but also by its slippery tacitness when it comes to defining where the band belongs in the genre spectrum. Modern metalcore has met power pop, punk, progressive rock, technically masterful playing, and deeply honest lyrics, to create a unique, hyper-slick and absolutely massive sound that belies the fact that this is music performed by a two-piece.

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